22nd Feb 2024

What Is Wrestling Headgear and Why Is It Important?

We’re sure you are aware that wrestling is a tough sport, and at times it is even dangerous. The good news is protective headgear can help take the fear factor out of wrestling. It is crucial that wrestlers of all skill levels wear proper wrestling headgear during every practice and match. Why? Because wrestling headgear protects the face, ears, and the entire head. Most wrestlers have probably experienced varying levels of blows to the head during heated matches. Wrestling headgear can help to prevent such blows from resulting in serious injury. One of the smartest things a wrestler can do is to invest in the best protective headgear available.

What does wrestling headgear do?

Wrestling headgear protects the ears, chin, and face. There are two main types of wrestling headgear: ear guards and face guards. An ear guard is basically two cups that fit snugly over the ears. These cups are held in place with straps that go over the top of the head, under the chin, and across the back of the head. Sometimes an ear guard will be designed as a cap. Ear guard cups are typically fairly soft despite their protective qualities. Ear guard cups are also ventilated. An ear guard is an absolutely essential piece of wrestling gear that every wrestler should possess. Wrestler Supply carries ear guards made by Matman, Cliff Keen, Adidas, Asics, and Brute. These names are trusted and consistently deliver the highest quality wrestling headgear on the market.

Aside from the ear guard, there is another type of wrestling headgear: the face guard. This is the ultimate piece of protective headgear, as it protects the entire face and head from wrestling-related injuries. Wrestler Supply offers the Cliff Keen Face Guard. This face guard is padded and complies with NFHS wrestling standards. This face guard will fit any type of Cliff Keen headgear. If you want the best head/face protection you can get, a face guard would be a great investment for you.

You can feel confident when wearing headgear from Wrestler Supply.

Now that you’ve read this post we’re sure you understand the importance of wearing protective headgear every time you engage in wrestling. We want you to know that we here at Wrestler Supply handpick the headgear that is sold on our online store. Further more, we make it our policy to only choose gear we would personally recommend to a friend or family member. This is the reason our store is packed with only high quality wrestling gear that keeps our customers loyal. When you order from Wrestler Supply, you can rest assured that you are getting protective headgear that will keep you safe and help you concentrate on the game. When it comes to the best in protective headgear, Wrestler Supply simply cannot be beat. It’s our business and our pleasure to keep you safely performing your best at every match.