22nd Feb 2024

What Type of Wrestling Shoe Should I Buy?

What Type of Wrestling Shoe Should I Buy?

A very common question with wrestlers, parents, and coaches is, “What type of wrestling shoe should I buy?” There are a lot of footwear choices from Wrestler Supply selected brands like Adidas, Asics, Brute, and Matman. There are many great choices and different price levels, but the best way to explain each shoe is to break it down into the categories of Good, Better, and Best. We strongly feel this breakdown will simplify your approach in selecting from the handpicked brands we selected to offer to our customers. The shoes that we carry are all well made, but serve a purpose in wrestling. One last thing before we get into our breakdown. Every person’s foot is different and footwear manufacturers use different lasts. We have a sizing recommendation on each product page. We hope you enjoy our breakdown and do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Best Category:

  • adidas adizero Sydney- Great shoe for wrestlers that put a lot of wear and tear on shoes. If you put in a lot of work in the wrestling room then continue to read. It’s easy to refer to this shoe as a “Ferrari” since it has many great features. The adizero Sydney is inspired by Adizero family, which means the shoe is going to be lightweight and be a strong performer. The upper is made of a highly durable, breathable mesh that helps keep your feet feel cool. The upper also has an overwrap heel to promote heel comfort. The midsole and outsole are specifically designed to perform key wrestling attributes like stance and attack since the design promotes grip, rotation, and flexibility. Features unique zippered lace guard system.
  • adidas Response 3.1- Great shoe for wrestlers looking for durability, high quality features, and a sleek design. If you are looking for a shoe to get through an intense training schedule and a lot of matches, then the Response 3.1 will work for you. The upper is made of 3D Spacer Mesh with adidas CLIMACOOL ventilation. The lightweight midsole is engineered for consistent medial contact for superior performance in the drive zones. Outsole gives good grip and combined with the midsole, the engineering will drive you through your shots.
  • adidas Combat Speed 4- Speed, Speed, Speed! That is the theme of the Combat Speed. Perfect shoe for wrestlers that want to stay light and have quick footwork. The upper is made of a durable, breathable mesh, suede leather overlay, and outsole grips in the heel and forefoot making this a perfect design to attack your opponent. Shoe has the look of a Champion!
  • Asics Omniflex Pursuit- The ultimate bare foot experience. A Compression Fit Bootie System that works like a performance sock supports the Omniflex. The upper also consist of PU straps for extreme durability. The unique outsole offers wrestling specific traction. Overall, this shoe is an excellent performer for wrestlers seeking a lightweight, durable shoe to withstand grueling workouts and an intense wrestling schedule. The Omniflex is an elite level performance shoe.
  • Asics Dan Gable Ultimate 3- The Dan Gable series has been a strong performing shoe for Asics for years. Great choice for durability when it is needed most, State Tournament time! The Dan Gable Ultimate 3 is the lightest Dan Gable shoe ever made. Key feature to this shoe is the medial arch support providing flexibility and an exceptional fit around your foot. Excellent build for reliability for the whole season.
  • Jordan Burroughs Shoes- Explosive! That describes Olympic and World Champion Jordan Burroughs. His signature shoe was designed and built for Jordan’s specifications. The upper is made from a lightweight mesh, durable suede, and ventilated quarter panels for optimal comfort and fit. The Jordan Burroughs Shoe is made for explosive wrestlers that need speed and durability.
  • Asics Aggressor 2- Asics’ Most Popular Shoe! This shoe is designed to provide good ankle support and foot stability. The Duosole outsole gives you maximum traction. Overall, the Aggressor is a rugged, durable shoe.
  • Brute John Smith JS25- Brute has designed, developed, and manufactured shoes for a long time and they did not disappoint with the John Smith shoe. The John Smith shoe has been around for a long time and has always been a top level performing shoe. This year's JS25 is the LIGHTEST shoe on the market weighing in at 7.25 oz. For those seeking a sock-like fit with excellent grip, then you have found the right shoe.

Better Category:

  • Asics Cael V5.0- Coming in an ounce lighter than the previous Cael models. Mesh panels make this shoe light and breathable. This is a very versatile shoe that gives you good support, durability, and flexible. A strong performer and great value.
  • Asics Split Second 9- Excellent Value! The Split Second has been around for a long time and its split sole is what has made this shoe popular over the years. Excellent all around option for wrestlers of all levels.
  • Brute Inception- Brute has a long history of making wrestling shoes and the Inception is inspired by their footwear knowledge and experience dealing with elite wrestlers. The Inception uses performance materials and provides a rugged, stylish, and breathable shoe. The outsole provides excellent traction. Solid performer.
  • Matman Striker- Leather/Mesh upper gives you a breathable shoe with a good performing outsole for good traction. The Striker is an excellent shoe and great value.

Good Category:

  • adidas HVC-Good option for customers that trust the adidas brand and is a very dependable shoe for inexperienced wrestlers getting a feel for the sport.
  • Asics Matflex- Good option for customers that trust the Asics brand and need a shoe for inexperienced wrestlers getting a feel for the sport. Matflex provides good traction and support.
  • Brute Xplode – Brute has a long history of making wrestling shoes and the Xplode is an outstanding option for wrestlers looking for a durable shoe with good traction. Good choice for wrestlers looking for a good quality shoe at an introductory level.
  • Matman Revenge- Matman Revenge is another good choice for wrestlers looking for a good quality shoe. Leather/Mesh upper combo provides good breathability.